Hey everyone! Here is our update for June-July. It is going to be very busy and we would very much appreciate your continued prayers! There is a video below about our current partnership status! So go check these out and let us know if you have any questions!

Also, Check out this Video from SOAR Heartland in Winnipeg! Thank you for your prayers as we prepared and participated in SOAR this year - it was awesome. If you want to hear more about it, feel free to contact us.

Ministry / Prayer Update:

Partnership Status Update:

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Soar Heartland feels like it’s right around the corner! For those that aren’t familiar, The Multiply Soar program is a short term mission training program that takes place in in cities around North America. Participants from youth groups, churches and missions partners gather together for a week of worship, service, and going after God’s heart for our city and nation. There will be a time of orientation, followed by a local mission assignment and then a debrief. Check out this link for more info, or if you want to sign up! https://multiply.net/soar

Now that you’re caught up on what SOAR is, we would love to fill you in on how its going this year so far. We have been planning with our team for this years program for quite a while already. There have been challenges with the pandemic and a lot of flexibility has been needed in order to move forward. Last year, we ended up streaming daily sessions online and giving instructions for group leaders to go out on their own assignments. Even though Soar looked different. It was powerful, challenging, and fun!

Here’s a look at some of last years highlights.

This Years Theme:

Each year there is a theme that helps shape the teaching and overall program. This year we are focusing on the word breathe: to breathe Jesus in and breathe Him out. To walk with his indwelling spirit. In John 15, Jesus says that he is the vine and that as we remain in him and he in us, there will be fruit. In verse 8 he says “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”

Prayer Points:

We have been praying that as we breathe Jesus in and out, we would glorify God. We pray that as we breathe Jesus in, He would show us that he is the qualifier. Even though we may not feel like we can do it on our own, Jesus has already qualified us and will qualify us. This has been close to our hearts as we have been praying for the young participants of Soar. We have hope that after a period of isolation, they will be uplifted and feel less alone. We have hope that as they remain in him, the fruit that comes from Jesus will fill their lives and the Earth.

Our Task:

One of the things that has been placed in our hands is the worship portion of the program. Each day there is worship accompanied by a teach or local mission session. This year our worship team consists of seven leaders: Me (vocals), Aiden (drums), Ryan (guitar and vocals), Bomba (keys), Jess (electric guitar and vocals), Levi (vocals and bass), Braidy (electric).

As we lead and prepare as a team, we would appreciate your prayer for each one of these team members. Pray for our hearts to be set on Jesus so that we can lead others in humility, spirit, and truth. Pray for unity as a team and clarity for how to prepare regarding song choices and logistics.

If you want to get involved more, there are volunteer options on the Multiply website. Just click the link or contact us for more details!


Thank you all for your love and partnership.

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Updated: Jan 23

Worship Leading: Click The Links To Go To Church Websites

- Heather and Aiden will be leading worship for New City Church’s January wrap up 6 hour prayer and worship time this coming Saturday, January 22. Pray that they would be empowered and anointed by the spirit to lead his people in worship in the afternoon.

- They will be leading worship at The Meeting Place church on Sunday, January 23. Please pray in the morning for confidence and unity as a team to lead the staff and congregation in worship. Join in and worship with us online if you want to!

Partnership Development:

Current Update: January, 21. Click Here To Give

- Currently fundraising is at 67%. To meet next years fundraising goals they are in need of more support. Pray that God would provide and that he would speak to those he wants to be involved.

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